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We constantly strive to achieve our goals and surpass our clients’ expectations. Our unyielding focus helps us deliver operational excellence throughout every phase of your project. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be shaped by our shared core values. We will attract team members that share these values as we grow to meet increased client demand.

executive team

Reginald L. Vaughn


Reginald “Reggie” Vaughn leads the Senior Executive Team for Predictive Solutions Engineering (PSE). Reggie is a passionate leader with a track record of success in both the Department of Defense and the commercial sector. After proudly serving in the U.S. Army, he worked as a contract system engineer for several years prior to joining PSE. Whether he’s presiding over the day-to-day operations or leading strategic planning, Reggie’s priority and main focus is managing the relationships with our existing and prospective clients. You can often find Reggie on-site working side-by-side with our technicians as he firmly believes that a leader should always be willing to do the work he asks his own people to perform.

Kris E. Singleton, Sr.


Kris Singleton serves on the Senior Executive Team for PSE. After nearly 10 years in the defense community, he entered the private sector. He began working with PSE in Iraq in the capacity of Project Manager. Having acquired a vast breadth of leadership and management skills while serving in the Armed Services, Kris led several projects for PSE until ultimately being promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Kris now handles daily operations, project management, and personnel management from PSE’s headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. Working closely with the CEO, Kris has helped to develop a corporate strategy aimed at propelling PSE to the top of both the federal and commercial markets as the premier provider of full-spectrum asset protection.

Victor A. Garcia


Victor Garcia joined PSE in December 2016 as a Systems Integrator. Within a short time, Victor was able to demonstrate his aptitude for solving complex problems and also forecasting engineering and integration issues before they impacted cost or schedule. It was this keen sense, coupled with his passion for electronics, that propelled Victor to the position of Principal Engineer. What began with a degree in Computer Electronics Engineering Technology has evolved into seven years of advancement at both the national and international level as an expert in Electronic Security Engineering. Victor’s responsibility now lies in supervision of field technicians, early identification of emerging technology, and strategic planning.

Management Team

Nikk Gilbert

Cybersecurity Engineering
IT Strategy
Marketing & Sales Support
Emerging Technology

Mahmut Toroslu

Subcontract Administration
Daily Field Operations
Contract Finance
Travel Compliance

Robert Donner

Program Management
Business Development
Corporate Strategy
Government Liaison

Durmus Temel

Subcontractor Management
Logistics & Supply
Daily Field Operations
Project Finance

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